Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Smart condition monitoring and digital twin technology for targeted maintenance of industrial assets

Preventive and predictive maintenance leverages the data from sensors or IIoT devices to provide either continuous or periodic equipment health monitoring. Traditionally, this has been done by technicians who need to physically inspect equipment and machines. This physical inspection provides limited visibility of health and equipment degradation which can lead to unplanned and costly maintenance or replacement. By utilising sensor data to make informed and objective maintenance decisions your equipment uptime and longevity will be maximised.

The introduction of additional data analysis against expected performance or energy use patterns provides insights for predictive maintenance, detecting issues before failure, as well as delivering opportunities for other cost savings such as reduced energy use. Predictive maintenance regimes can result in increased asset availability of up to 45% and a reduction of breakdowns of up to 75%.

Equipment uptime and longevity is essential for maximising both profit and production, reducing overall maintenance costs, removing human error, and reducing unplanned downtime costs, no matter which industry your business is in.

Benefits of preventive and predictive maintenance include:

  • Equipment downtime is decreased, and the number of breakdown situations minimised
  • Improved management of assets resulting in increased efficiency and life expectancy
  • Increased production capacity and better labour utilisation
  • Data-driven targeted maintenance activities resulting in fewer unplanned repairs
  • Provides insight into improved operational, maintenance, and future design processes
  • Improved safety and quality of working conditions for operators and maintenance
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