Product Tracking & Quality Control

By monitoring performance control, businesses are also able to maintain consistency in outcomes

Automated tracking of equipment or products to enable visibility of location or production stage, in addition to records of lifecycle history, to enable efficient scheduling, traceability for quality and compliance, and predictive maintenance activities of their production process.

Product tracking and quality control through the deployment of automation and IIoT creates real-time visibility and production accountability for organisations. The ability to monitor and manage quality control as well as rapidly and accurately track finalised products provides consistency of outcomes as well as identifies optimisation opportunities.

Dematec’s experience in automation and product tracking, tracing, and quality control helps manufacturers across many industries implement robust systems to ensure product quality is maintained whilst boosting productivity and profitability. Our solutions include but are not limited to:

  • automated production control and monitoring systems
  • automated inspection and quality evaluation
  • product and material tracking via RF-ID, barcode, Wifi, or LPWAN
  • integration with ERP, production scheduling, or MES systems
  • process auditing and improvement
  • Industrial IoT for traceability and visibility of production processes

Automation of product tracking and quality control can provide a multitude of benefits:

  • boost efficiency and productivity
  • ensure consistent product quality
  • minimise waste
  • minimise the potential for human error
  • assist with compliance

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