• Engineering, design, manufacturing, delivery, and support of Industry 4.0 automated solutions for manufacturing, assembly, and inspection, including PLC, SCADA, and robotics
  • Engineering, design, manufacturing, delivery, and support of infrastructure control and low voltage electrical systems
  • Condition monitoring of processes and equipment
  • Process reviews and solutions for operational optimisation, or audits of existing systems with proposed upgrade pathways to meet safety or compliance regulations
  • D-TEKT—our advanced, proprietary in-house cloud-based Industrial IoT platform


Dematec Automation is a leading South Australian industrial automation and integrated architecture organisation founded in 1990. Dematec excels in providing innovative, high quality, and fit-for-purpose automation solutions that assist businesses across a range of industries to increase operational efficiency and optimise return on investment.

With over 30 years of process expertise, Dematec has become a trusted advisor with a substantial portfolio of solutions across a wide range of industries, such as Defence, Agribusiness, Water Management, Utility, Resources, Manufacturing and others.

Dematec’s services range from specification and conceptual design at the outset of a project, through to engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and ongoing support of production and process equipment.


Our goal is to enable organisations to become more productive by continuously applying our smart innovative technological processes


Our purpose is to provide the best innovative solutions using the knowledge and experience of our expert automation specialists so that every one of our clients can achieve greater operational efficiency, safety and superior profits resulting in longer term sustainability


End-to-end security

Security is one of the key drivers of any type of development. Dematec data collection and management platforms are designed with privacy and security in mind. End-to-end security is employed from  sensors and local processors to the cloud application with no unknown software layers. Comprehensive security allows for protected integration to your cloud platform and ensures the continuity of its operation.

Solutions ready to scale

A well-designed IoT solution ensures that your solution is quick to deploy, fast to scale, secure, easy to use, and of course, cost-efficient. Dematec’s platform offers scalable value for customers via its modular architecture:

  • Straightforward to add more sites / nodes to a system
  • Easy to add more devices / sensors to a site / node
  • Multiple communication protocols and vendor interfaces available
  • Options for cloud or on-premise deployment

Flexibility for full integration

Value chains can be long and complex, so implementing automation and IoT solutions requires multiple systems to reliably and efficiently talk to each other.

Dematec’s platform delivers a cost-effective data collection and management solution for infrastructure, smart facilities, and remote assets. Capability for integration to any cloud-based application or legacy systems provides a driving force for end-to-end value chain visibility.

Advanced implementation approach

Dematec takes a three-stage approach to ensure that customers achieve their targeted outcomes in terms of ROI, functionality, safety, and quality.

Understanding customers’ requirements as well as any constraints
Engineering the right solution from both hardware and software perspectives
Deployment and ongoing support of the solution to enable the customer to realise the benefits of capability, efficiency, safety, and quality that automation delivers

To be competitive in your industry, you need a better way to do business. Dematec Automation’s cutting-edge technology and automation solutions empower you to become a capable and savvy industry leader.

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