Empowering businesses to become industry leaders

Dematec Automation provides custom innovative automation solutions that assist you to improve profits, create efficiencies, broaden capabilities, and meet safety and compliance requirements.

We possess solid multi-industry application knowledge collected since the inception of the business in 1990. Additionally, we have a strong culture of providing customer focus and we select skilled team-oriented people whose personal values meet our corporate values—this combination of industry knowledge, cultural fit, shared values, and teamwork thus forms the foundation of our respected reputation.

Water & Wastewater

Dematec’s solutions in automation, monitoring, services overview system control, and optimisation provides stakeholders with critical water infrastructure assurance and confidence over the reliability of their operations.


Farm-tech is realising new advances for agriculture to achieve greater profitability by decreasing cost/yield. For smaller operations, it is about applying fit-for-purpose technologies to compete against much larger competitors.

Defence & Aerospace

The defence sector faces constant pressure from timeframe, cost, quality, safety, and compliance. Introducing the ability to capitalise on improved production is hugely enticing for anyone working with, or supplying to, the defence sector.

Utilities & Renewable Energy

From the grid to the end consumer, automated technologies are well placed to transform the Australian energy industry.


Automation and digital technologies are employed in the service of SMEs who can scale up disruptive market solutions. In a world continually shrinking, keeping a global competitive edge is more than giving SMEs a necessary advantage—it is a survival imperative.

Mining & Raw Materials Processing

Robotic process automation in the mining industry reduces operational costs, reduces processing time, improves quality and repeatability, and allows for the upskilling of workers.

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