Utility & Renewable Energy

From the grid to the end consumer, automated technologies are well placed to transform the Australian energy industry. By harnessing the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI, retailers can automate routine tasks in the front-office, back-office, and enterprise functions, as well as offering a more engaging experience for consumers.

Our engineering expertise provides our clients with energy reduction and cost-saving solutions to reduce their cost of doing business. We offer energy auditing and analysis services as well as a portfolio of products including the latest generation energy-efficient pump optimisation systems.

Services Overview

  • Scoping and problem solving
  • Matching technology to challenges
  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Spot market energy optimisation of discrete systems via backup or load shedding
  • Industry 4.0 solutions for production and asset management
  • Electrical and engineering design and construction (inc. hazardous areas)
  • Networking, communications and telemetry
  • Project management and system delivery
  • PLC and SCADA programming
  • LV and MV power design and protection
  • Functional machine safety and data security
  • Electrical maintenance and 24/7 support programs
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