Natural born thinkers

Do you want to make an impact in a company working on a diverse selection of hands-on projects, where your contribution will be valued and acknowledged? Oh boy, have you found a home.

Most likely, you love to explore the possibilities of things. As a kid, you made stuff, broke stuff, investigated, experimented and always thought, ‘what else could that do?’ If you are a talented engineer who has never stopped thinking about the possibilities, and want to apply your skills to change how industries work, then please keep reading.

Explore your career opportunities with Dematec

Dematec values people above all things. You might have read words similar to these before, but might not have experienced them. So there’s only one way to find out.


If you like what you have seen on our site and you are a person who understands that it is a customer who determines if a job is well done, then we should absolutely connect. We need people suitable for Australian Defence clearance.


We are an ambitious company, with a grand vision, and will need the best people possible to make it happen.

If there are no current jobs that suit your skills, then please introduce yourself with the form provided.

Enquire about our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Dematec Automation’s Undergraduate and Graduate Program gives you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. Operating for over ten years, the programs give engineering students the opportunity to work, or undertake their required industrial work experience, in a diverse and challenging environment.


Over the course of 12 weeks, one full semester or 6 months, you’ll gain experience across our company in engineering design and delivery using PLC, SCADA and HMI, project management, estimation and drafting design, and get hands-on in our workshop. We take 3rd or 4th year Undergraduates from Mechatronics, Software and Electrical engineering, and Computer Science/Engineering. Many of them have gone on to full-time employment with Dematec upon graduation.