Water security for farmers through groundbreaking recycling scheme

Dematec Automation is proud to be the control and communications integrator in the transformational Wamuran Irrigation Scheme. The recycled water scheme will supply year-round water security to a number of farmers around one of the country’s fastest growing agricultural districts while sustainably managing wastewater from the Caboolture South Sewage Treatment Plant in South-East Queensland.

The population of the Caboolture River catchment is anticipated to grow by more than 100 000 people in the next 20 – 25 years, increasing inflows to the Caboolture South Sewage Treatment Plant by 150%. During the first stage of the Scheme, 11 tonnes of nitrogen and 1.8 tonnes of phosphorus will be diverted away from the river and 2.6 gigalitres of Class A recycled water will be available to farmers producing raspberries, strawberries, pineapples, avocados, and turf.

To cater to the rapid growth in the region, wastewater from the Caboolture South Sewage Treatment Plant will be treated in a disinfection facility before it is transferred via a 10km pipeline to Moodlu Quarry where it will pass through a water quality management facility. Moodlu Quarry, which can store 1.44 gigalitres of water, will be used to ensure that surplus water is held to meet peak seasonal crop demand.

Water will then be pumped through a 12 km pipeline with sufficient pressure to safely irrigate crops when scheme participants open their valves. This delivery concept avoids storing the water in on-farm dams, contributing to food safety and reducing environmental risks.

As the population grows and the supply of recycled water increases, more water will be distributed and more farmers from the region will be able to access the Scheme. The Scheme will not only deliver critical water security to farmers in the region, but will also promote investment, stimulate industry growth and help meet the 2050 sustainability goals of zero nutrients in our waterways and 100% reuse of recycled wastewater.

Construction of the Scheme has commenced and it is due to be operational in early 2024.


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