Industrial IoT for Remote Asset Management

Dematec’s new generation of asset management offerings includes several ready-to-go automation solutions (including our D-TEKT™ platform) which utilise Industrial IoT capabilities that make it easy and cost-effective for your business to continuously monitor the condition and performance of your equipment and systems. Our dynamic solutions integrate elements of people, processes, applications, tools, and equipment to enhance your uptime and ROI.

You can connect with equipment, devices, or sensors in disparate and remote locations through cellular, radio, LPWAN, or satellite networks—reducing the need to travel long distances.

By partnering with Dematec, multi-site operators have been able to consolidate collected data from their portfolio of remote assets and combine it with other sources of information such as weather conditions and enterprise platform data. This has allowed them to contextualise insights and provide new use cases in areas such as predictive maintenance.

A snapshot of our services

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