Industrial Asset Monitoring & Control

Using automation and digital technologies to improve the performance and longevity of industrial systems and equipment across a wide range of industries and applications

Dematec has over 30 years of experience in integrating industrial equipment and devices together to produce cohesive and efficient systems. We uncover unique opportunities for customers to either save costs, produce more with less, or add value for their customers, because of the lessons we learn from a broad range of industries. Our people take ownership of what they do, keeping you fully informed, every step of the way.

Ensuring the most appropriate technology is deployed in the right applications can generate significant results. We provide expertise with the essentials of automation, such as SCADA, PLC, control system design and compliance, as well as leveraging the latest technologies, such as Industrial IoT and machine learning.

Implementation of a reliable, fit-for-purpose asset monitoring and control platform unlocks the opportunity for many value-generating initiatives, such as:

  • Production / process optimisation
  • Production / process capability enhancement
  • Automated quality inspection and control
  • Energy management automation for increased efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance for reduced maintenance costs
  • Automated data collation and analysis for continuous improvement and easier compliance

A snapshot of our services

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