Sentinel 2. The next step to defeat airborne pests and diseases for agriculture

Combining specialised air sampling equipment and automation technology in a single high-tech mobile surveillance unit, the iMapPESTS Sentinel 2 is a key element in a national project to provide greater data to producers to combat pests and diseases.

Dematec’s control system automates and controls the Sentinel 2, an upgrade on the Sentinel 1. The unit is self-contained, and while carrying highly sensitive instrumentation and technology, has to be robust to endure the elements out on site for weeks at a time.

There are robotic systems on each device in the Sentinel 2, controlled by an on-board computer that enable intelligent sampling according to pre-set parameters of time, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. Sensors automatically retract a six-metre insect trap and safely pack away the device when severe weather is detected, then the system extends the trap to resume operation when high winds have calmed.

Data about physical samples, and virtual samples of on-farm conditions – from spores to climatic environmental data − are barcoded and traceable through every step, securely transferred from the field to the laboratory and on to farmers and land managers.

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