Oil & Gas

Oil and gas automation, in the oil and gas industry, refers to a growing number of processes, many involving digital technologies, that can help energy producers better compete in global markets.

Dematec solutions will help you develop a truly interconnected enterprise and move closer to operational excellence. Our cloud, mobility and analytics offer an interactional view into real-time production data so you can respond to issues as soon as they arise, from anywhere in the connected world.

Services Overview

  • Scoping and problem solving
  • Groundwater and aquifer control solutions
  • Matching technology to challenges
  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Industry 4.0 solutions for production and asset management
  • Data collection and production reporting
  • Functional machine safety and data security
  • Integrated control functions with electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power systems
  • Electrical design and construction (inc. hazardous areas)
  • Networking, communications and telemetry
  • Project management and system delivery
  • PLC & SCADA programming
  • Robotic systems
  • Electrical maintenance and 24/7 support programs

A snapshot of our services

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