The industries we work in and how they have been changed for the better.

Benefit with specialised automation knowledge from multiple industries.

In the spirit of producing effective and commercially valuable solutions to make you more competitive, Dematec is essentially a knowledge based organisation, with talented engineers to put that knowledge into low-risk practice. We uncover unique opportunities for customers to either save costs, produce more with less or add value for their customers, because of the lessons we learn from a broad range of industries.



Dematec provides automation and industrial grade digital systems for helping the SME/ME companies to deal with the rigour and agile requirements that Defence requires. We also work with large Defence Primes and Government organisations, which gives us the perspective of what the big players need and how the smaller suppliers can contribute with innovation.

Defence Capabilities

SME Advanced Manufacturing


Automation and digital technologies are employed in the service of SMEs who can scale up disruptive market solutions. In a shrunk world, keeping a global competitive edge is an imperative, which we deliver through ‘big system’ thinking, but apply for the SMEs to multiply the value of their production, reduce costs and keep manufacturing profitable in high cost economies.



Farm-tech is realising new advances for agriculture to become more profitable. For smaller operations, it is about using fit for purpose technologies to compete against much larger competitors. For large operations, it is about meeting a host of demands, without creating new costs and therefore preserving profit.

Water Infrastructure


Dematec's solutions in automation, monitoring, control and optimisation provides critical water infrastructure which cover an area roughly half the size of Europe. Our engineers are highly valued by clients in some of the most remote parts of the world, to keep energy costs low and reliability of supply certain.

Water Infrastructure Capabilities

Food and Beverage


The ability to meet fluctuating demands, produce new products in an agile manner and, at times, manage supply chains, are just some of the challenges we help customers with. We also demonstrate how an investment in automation can pay dividends, to create bankable outcomes, which is an imperative for companies locked in fiercely  contested markets or who need to rapidly scale.

Snapshot of our services

Time poor? Take a quick look at the services we deliver to generate value. Remember, it's not what you do, but how you do it that counts.



Mission critical systems are designed and maintained by our team, to introduce new levels of efficiency, with zero tolerance for downtime. Clients rely upon our insights and knowledge about technology and systems and how they integrate, in order to keep investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars in peak condition.

Industrial Capabilities



With the right systems, even low-tech manufacturing can thrive in high-cost economies. We are driven to help customers realise new benefits with automation and system integration to underpin a clear strategy. You can also count on our expertise to present the right technology for the right purpose, rather than push a specific vendor.