Delivering visibility and control of pumping equipment to maintain water pressure and flow

Water reuse scheme

Dematec empowered a new water reuse scheme with a cloud-based, real-time monitoring and control solution to enable optimised operational performance.

The aim of the scheme was to receive treated wastewater from an existing plant and distribute it to agricultural clients for crop irrigation. The water therefore had to be provided to growers at a suitable quality and continuous pressure suitable for on-farm irrigation systems.

Our cutting-edge D-TEKT™ IIOT solution delivered timely data and remote control of treatment and pumping equipment at three main sites so the scheme could maintain water pressure in addition to monitoring flow and consumption—while minimising unnecessary travel for maintenance and associated costs.

Smart sensors also provided data on vibration, temperature, current draw, and operating hours on major pumps and bearings to ensure optimised performance and longevity.

Key results

Rapidly deployed and cost-effective, our innovative solution resulted in the following:

  • Water distribution network control and communications platform implemented one third below original capital budgets and operating expenditure constraints.
  • Maintenance activities were reduced by 25% due to real-time monitoring of equipment coupled with predictive maintenance optimisations.
  • Growers could view their water usage and register anticipated future usage to assist in water storage projections.
  • Greater flexibility and convenience for system operators to remotely check operational status, change setpoints and review compliance data.

Our team provided a detailed handover with training and continues to be available for ongoing support if required.

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