Enabling real-time oversight of water and wastewater infrastructure

Remote monitoring and controlling

Dematec Automation was approached by the Copper Coast Council to provide a solution to improve the operation and maintenance of their water infrastructure.

One of the key challenges for the council was that their infrastructure assets were distributed across a large area—some 773 square kilometres including a coastline of roughly 50 kilometres, which serviced a population of approximately 15,000 with over 400,000 visitors annually.

The spread of these assets meant that council staff would spend hours travelling on regional roads for performance inspection, maintenance, setpoint changes and compliance data access.

It didn’t need to be so difficult.

By utilising our innovative D-TEKT™ IIOT platform, we developed a fit-for-purpose solution that transformed the way the council managed their water assets.

Our solution was quick to deploy, easily integrating with existing infrastructure at three main sites—two treatment plants and a pump station.

A cyber-secure modem was installed at each site, giving the council real-time visibility, alerts and remote control as well as access to historical data logging.

It was also affordable, falling within the limited capital funds available for the project.

Water management has never been easier.

Following a thorough handover, with training delivered by our team, council staff now enjoy significantly reduced time spent travelling between sites for routine inspections and compliance data collection.

This has created more time for them to undertake other tasks, improving productivity and also reducing potential safety risks associated with regional travel.

The council continues to benefit from our 24/7 remote support capability.

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