Bunyip Water scheme acquired by Seppeltsfield

After 7 winters of successful operational use, Seppeltsfield has acquired Bunyip Water from the Light Regional Council and therefore completed an important strategic pillar to waterproof its Barossa vineyards against the ever-challenging backdrop of global warming and climate change.

In 2014, Seppeltsfield Wines in the Barossa Valley joined forces with its Local Council; the Light Regional Council, supported by Federal Government funding from the Stormwater harvesting and re-use project to plan and build a 42 km pipeline to harvest surplus winter stormwater flows from the Gawler River and pump them north to provide supplementary irrigation to Barossa Valley vineyards and irrigation water for community use on ovals, parks and gardens.

Designed by Hydroplan in collaboration with Seppeltsfield and originally known as the Gawler River Water Re-use Scheme, it was re-named to pay homage to the town of its source, Gawler, established in 1836 and its local newspaper, “The Bunyip”.

The Bunyip Water pipeline project was completed and delivered by South Australian contractors on time and on budget, with the first water harvested from the Gawler River in August, 2016.

Dematec Automation was responsible for the design, delivery, and ongoing support of the electrical, control, and communications system for the Gawler Water Re-use Scheme, which leveraged our D-TEKT Industrial Internet of Things platform to enable secure remote operation and management of the infrastructure.

In recognition of Bunyip Water’s design effectiveness, efficiency and excellence, Hydroplan was recognised on an international stage in 2017 for ‘Excellence in Irrigation’ by the American Society of Irrigation Consultants. Hydroplan and Dematec also received a high commendation in the Alliancing category of the Smart Water Awards in the same year.

Seppeltsfield and the Randall Wine Group, Executive Chairman and Proprietor, Warren Randall, stated:

“Water in South Australia is such a precious resource and the Barossa Valley is such a significant economic driver for our State.

Bunyip Water is a large, complex and innovative project which required a comprehensive and cohesive planning approach involving all stakeholders, spearheaded by Hydroplan for on time, on budget and best in class execution”

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